Snorkelling training de-brief

25 05 2012

Hello Martha here! One of the six newly designated snorkel instructors here at Orielton and Dale Fort. We’ve had two brilliant days at Dale Fort with Chris Cooke our trainer for the course. The weather was amazing for snorkeling: sunny and low winds for a calm sea. And of course Dale Fort is ideally situated for anyone wishing to access the shore or the sea – less than a minute and you’re actually on Jetty Beach.

I found the course informative and fun – we covered a lot of ground in two days. The first day we started off with some general introductions to the kit and theory, in the lesson format that BSAC use and recommend so that we could use it when we teach. We also did some practical sessions in the sea including practicing surface dives to get closer to the marine wildlife – plenty of sugar kelp! The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it might be… but it was still fairly chilly.

We covered the practicalities of teaching snorkeling and started preparing for teaching water-based sessions to one another. I found this the most useful section of the course to actually try and teach others how to snorkel whilst bobbing around yourself around and trying not to swallow too much sea water! The most fun part was practicing different water entry techniques, especially jumping in from a great height.

We also practiced teaching theory sessions indoors, covered safety considerations, took and passed a test to gain our qualifications. We have plenty of booklets, dvds and electronic resources, plus our own food for thought to fuel ideas for the snorkeling safari course in august and our own snorkeling adventures…

Bye for now 🙂




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