Biodiversity Training at FSC Preston Montford

22 05 2012

Last weekend two members of the Orielton education team attended a Biodiversity Workshop at FSC Preston Montford  delivered by the FSC Biodiversity Action Group Trainers: Sue T. (Head Office), Pete B. (Head Office), Jo H. (Rhyd-y-Creuau), and Milly P. (Orielton).

Activities included freshwater taxonomy, moth and small mammal trapping, understanding terrestrial invertebrate taxonomy, and having a general good rummage around the sites. As well as boosting our confidence with what we know already, we all gained new information about the habitats at Preston Monford and the life histories of some of the invertebrates we see everyday. The legend Pete B gave us a taste of what it would be like to attend one of his sought after life long learning courses he deliveries throughout the year, and was very patient with all of our questions and theories!

By the end we sat back and marvelled at the knowledge we had gained from only two days, and how nice it had been to spend that time focused purely on biodiversity. Big thanks to PM and the BAG ladies and gents….we are looking forward to the Coastal Habitat training at FSC Dale Fort!




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